Intro and Short Bio

Introductions first: My name is Sherri and I am a student of Anthropology, attending Arizona State University online. I chose this major because I love people and history fascinates me (though I hated it in high school). The idea of learning from people who are different from me in almost every way is exciting and finding opportunities to travel of make connections with people along the way is my ultimate goal. I’ll explain my inspirations and why I chose this path later…but let’s move on for now.

The dog in the picture above is Kairi – a 48-pound rescue pup who is now 5 yrs old. She’s just as playful as she was when I adopted her at 6 months, and is the most loving and cooperative companion I could ask for. You’ll see more of her since she will accompany me on my adventures often.

So why study culture and history?

My interest in foreign culture came in high school through my Spanish teacher. She and I had totally different upbringings and views, but her kind demeanor and genuine love for humans, no matter who they were or where they were from, showed a true image of Christian love. She taught me things I didn’t that know I didn’t know. Not only were we learning a language but we were learning traditions, mythology, religious practices – the heart of a people, not just their words. That cultural enrichment gives a person so much more insight into the language they are learning. So my desire to understand people – and to love them by learning who they are- never ceased.

The final push that drove me down this path was actually (don’t laugh) the video games I got into. I kid you not – I started playing Assassin’s Creed and was completely awed by how much actual history and real people the stories had been built upon. I would explore and area, or read about a particular person your character would meet, or a certain event would happen (like the Boston Massacre in 1770 or the Lisbon earthquake in 1755) and I would say “I need to read about that” or “WOAH did that actually happen?” I realized how much a didn’t pay attention or remember from history classes because when I had to take those courses I didn’t care – but now I do. Then in the last couple of years I became obsessed with the Uncharted series. In those you play as a treasure hunter (it’s like a Tomb Raider game, but more interesting characters and, in my opinion, better writing). I loved the elaborate environments and the thought of discovering pieces of lost or long-gone civilizations. I said “I must go to college and study culture and history. This information is too fascinating to ignore.”

So here I am – starting a blog to share interesting discoveries around the world, cultural stories, travel adventures, and deep thoughts. Maybe by the end of this and when I have my degree I’ll be a photojournalistic archaeologist. I hope that readers will find this content as inspiring as I do.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet and please explore with me! Meet me in discussion – I will be so happy to engage.

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